FreakIT: The Ultimate In Bespoke Personalization

Press Release

FreakIT: The Ultimate In Bespoke Personalization

Realize your own unique Freak Vision. Imagine it. Design it. Build it, be it. Free it. Become a Freak Visionary.

The new FreakIT app by Ulysse Nardin takes Freak Vision to another level of uniqueness and self-expression. A customizing configurator unlike any other in the industry, it offers a dizzying array of bespoke choices - not just case and strap but bridges, bezel, grinder, locker, side plate, movement parts… In all, 22 different watch components and movement parts can be tricked out and tweaked to your heart’s desire.

Perfect 22/22 Freak Vision

FreakIT works in-store (at selected boutiques and retailers only) on the iPad. You choose what you want for the 22 customizable Freak Vision components. The strap materials, alligator or fabric - and the colors for the full spectrum of customizable parts — Maverick Blue or Black, Freakshow Red or Orange, Rare Rose gold colored for some, Light Saber Grey or Radiant White for the strap’s stitching and oversized point de bride.

Then you decide what to laser etch on the case locker and the side plate: your name, your sign, your code, the love of your life? One more click, the order loads directly. Four months later, your perfect hand-built bespoke masterwork arrives.

“The FreakIT app pushes bespoke personalization to the extreme,” said Patrick Pruniaux, Chief Executive Officer of Ulysse Nardin. "It is unprecedented in the watch world, which until now was far behind the car industry, where brands such as Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Bentley provide customers with a full set of bespoke options. Now in-store Ulysse Nardin customers, with a few swipes and taps, can create their own, one-of-a-kind Freak Vision - one that fully expresses their individuality. Bespoke is the defining element of high-end luxury. Affluent buyers, especially haute horlogerie collectors and millennials, place a strong premium on more emotional and personal priorities. FreakIT allows these individuals to create watches as unique as they are.”

With FreakIT, Ulysse Nardin takes customization to a new level - and at a fixed package price of only 10,000 CHF. No matter how many bespoke options you personalize, the added price remains the same, for an all-in total of 105,000 CHF.